What’s Your Marketing Superpower?

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When you start thinking about your business holistically, one of the things that you need to come to an understanding of early on is what are the unique things that you bring to customers or the marketplace.marketing superpower  Many people call this a unique selling proposition or a value proposition, but I like to think of it a little differently… What are my business superpowers?

As I’ve been putting together RapidAction Central and trying to figure out where I want to take it, I’ve spent a fair bit of time pondering where and how I can add value to people who take the time to read these posts, listen to the podcasts or buy my products.

Here’s what I’ve come up with so far:

  1. Business Knowledge and Experience – I’ve been in senior positions in business for going on two decades.  I’ve also built two successful bricks and mortar businesses from ideas into companies with dozens of staff and millions in revenue and profit.  I understand structure, strategy and how to make things scale.  I also enjoy working with people on their business, giving advice and helping see them through tough patches;
  2. Creating Software – Over the course of my time online and in my business career, I’ve been responsible for some big software development projects.  One thing that I wanted to add to the business over the last couple years is a software and systems element.  Over the next few months, we’re going to be releasing a few plugins and software apps;
  3. Content Marketing and SEO Knowledge – We’ve already been in both of these businesses with RapidAction Writing and RapidAction SEO, but I’ve not spent much time teaching these ideas or having a site where I could share some of the things I’m working on;
  4. Building Community – I’ve always enjoyed in taking part in online discussion forums and contributing value, this is something that I’d now like to work on a bit on my own;
  5. Testing and Experimenting – I spend a fair bit of time trying out new ideas, using new software and just testing things.  I really have been wanting for over a year to start sharing some of this information as and when I test and seeing what other people are doing.

So those are kind of my superpowers: Business Experience, Software Creation Skills, Content and SEO Knowledge, Community Building and Experimentation.

The key for me is to now take those superpowers, apply them for the best interests of my business and share the results and ideas with people by way of new products or content that I post here or across our network of sites.  This is something that hopefully will give me clarity and focus.  I know I’m not a paid traffic guru, so this is something I can stand to learn a bit about, but it’s also an area where I probably can’t add much value to customers unless I’m able to hook them up with another of one my “superfriends” who might be able to help us all out.

What are your superpowers?  What do you do so well that you’d have to spend time in Arkham Asylum for not sharing it?

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