What’s In The Report?

Both the Basic and Advanced Report covers the following aspects of your SEO:

  • On Page Setup and Structure
  • Current Backlink Profile
  • Site Performance

The Advanced Report also includes:

  • Research and Analysis of Your Top 5 Keywords
  • Detailed Competitor Analysis For Your Top Keywords
  • One Hour Call via Skype with one of our SEO Experts

Which SEO Audit Report Should I Buy?

This Basic SEO Audit Report is ideal for:

  • People with new websites that want their basic setup reviewed for SEO
  • Marketers looking to understand their client’s current SEO status
  • Site owners who aren’t seeing movement in their rankings despite some SEO effort being applied

The Advanced SEO Audit Report is better suited towards:

  • People with established websites who want to optimise their site for SEO
  • Marketers providing detailed SEO analysis reports for their clients
  • Site owners in highly competitive niches who need more SEO intelligence

How Does It Work?

This package is delivered as follows:

  • You give us some information about your site you’d like us to review
  • You select your payment method through either Paypal or our secure Credit Card facility
  • We review your site, run some tests and write up our report with recommendations and findings
  • For Advanced Report customers we organise a time to speak via Skype and discuss your report and answer your questions


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