Revisiting Niche Marketing

 In General

I’m someone who, by my very nature, likes to move away from the herd and do things differently from everybody else when it comes to business.  I find the herd mentality tends to espouse the lowest quality ideas as fact or truth and people end up fighting for scraps.

In the book, Blue Ocean Strategy, they refer to it as the red ocean where the water is bloodied by vast amounts of competition.

I like to head for the blue ocean where there’s less competition.  Generally these tend to be areas the herd steers clear of.

I just refer to it as zigging while everyone else is zagging.

For me right now, an area I’ve decided to start looking at more closely and getting back involved in is niche marketing.  To be clear, I’m talking about building “smaller” sites, very targeted at a specific audience where I’ll try and provide a solution to their problem in exchange for affiliate commissions and other forms of revenue.  I’ll also be looking at building these assets with a view to generating passive income or selling the sites and increasing my capital base.

A few years back, I did a lot of this type of marketing.  As with all things in life, things changed, my interests evolved, and it became a very crowded market and I moved on.

So what’s changed?

Well, Panda and Penguin have decimated most small and medium sized niche marketers.  People have run away from the market in droves.  It was a well executed strategy by Google for sure.  They went after rubbish content and followed it up with making backlinking a real challenge.  For many niche site marketers, they were existing with crappy spun articles, a half dozen articles per site, spun rubbish articles that were then bombed out with automated tools generating squillions of keyword anchor text links back to their exact match domain.

When I listen to what’s going on in the market now, I’m hearing so much “herd mentality” talking about “guest blogging” and “backlinking is dead” that it raises my interest.  Then I see more and more people start producing press releases announcing something utterly worthless in an effort to get a few devalued backlinks from PRWeb and others.  Suddenly everyone is a content marketer.

If you want to build a brand, gain an audience and establish your credibility in a marketplace, then I highly recommend content marketing.  But it’s not that easy!  You have to produce interesting content on a regularly basis that makes people interested in what you have to say.  You have to work damn hard to establish yourself as a person worth listening to in the first place and that’s not as easy as some people lead you to believe.  Once you’ve achieved those goals, you now need to turn that audience into buyers – if you have something to sell them.

Good luck with all that.

Bearing all that in mind, I’ve decided to go back and explore the world of niche sites and niche marketing again.  I’m not crazy, this isn’t some “all in” move where I give up everything else and start building sites selling breastfeeding manuals to expectant mothers, but I am going to start building up the capabilities, resources and assets to properly test out this idea.

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