What’s In The Keyword Research Report?

Our Keyword Research Report covers the following aspects of your SEO:

  • Assessment Of Currently Targeted Keywords
  • Keywords Currently Being Ranked For
  • Discovery Of High Value Target Keywords
  • Competitiveness Of Most Valuable Keywords

Who’s The Keyword Research Report For?

This report is ideal for:

  • People that want to learn what keywords to target with their content
  • Marketers looking to understand the keywords their client’s buyers are searching for
  • Site owners that want to understand which keywords competitors are targeting

How Does It Work?

This package is delivered as follows:

  • You give us some information about your site that you’d like us to research
  • You select your payment method through either Paypal or our secure Credit Card facility
  • We analyse your site, find the relevant keywords and write up our report with recommendations and findings


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