Internet Marketing Is Hard

 In General

Hard WorkOne thing that I NEVER promise to people in the internet marketing space are guaranteed results.

That is a strategy that entirely runs counter to what most people out there do in their marketing and frankly I’m totally ok with that.  I have absolutely no doubts that it costs me money and product sales, but I think at best it is a totally misleading thing to tell someone from a sales tactic perspective.

The genesis of this post comes from a comment Damian Thompson made on the RapidAction Central Facebook Page when I posted a new banner recently.

Here’s the banner:

Internet Marketing Is Hard

It really is all about positioning and expectations.  If someone tells you that something is going to be super easy and you’re going to get amazing results, there is a massive expectations gap that you could drive a truck through in that pitch.

The Internet Marketing Sales Pitch

This sales pitch usually with the person showing you a wide range of very positive results and then tries to sell you something that will allow you to get the same results very easily.  This model gets used a fair bit by people selling low end plugins and SEO products because they see their market as “opportunity seekers” – people who are looking to make quick, easy money with very little work.  When Clickbank was in its heyday, this was the modus operandi of the people selling on there too – lots of videos showing their rented sports cars and hired girlfriends, with a hard pitch to buy their push button instant riches product.

Let’s face it, there’s no such thing in life as “quick, easy money with very little work” unless we’re talking about gambling or playing the lottery and even in those the odds are generally well and truly stacked against you.

The second type of pitch like this is less douchey and there’s some merit to it.

Normally, it starts out by the person doing the pitch SHOWING you something and the results they’ve gotten by doing that thing.  Maybe it is using “silo sites” strategies or Facebook marketing – something that is process driven and requires some effort.  They usually will take some time and explain the tactics to you and by the end of the presentation, you could go and do it yourself.  The pitch is usually that they can help do it for you or they have a tool that can make executing those tactics easier, faster and improve your chances of success.

I think that’s a pretty good way to go about selling something: explain the problem, show them how to solve it themselves and then offer something (be it a service or a product) that can make achieving the results easier.

The thing with that method that I like, when it is done right is that there is an implication that success requires effort and hard work – it isn’t easy.

The other thing with that type of pitch is that it subtly moves the discussion away from tactics into strategy – by acquiring the product or service in question, the person is making the strategic decision to use leverage to get their results rather than sheer elbow grease.  It also sets a person up for more long term success, which is the real goal when building your business.

There are two things about success that I sincerely believe: one, success leaves clues; and two, success is never easy.

So when anyone tells you or infers that internet marketing is easy, you shouldn’t listen to them… In my eyes, they’re a “Nobody”.



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