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Paypal Here Credit Card Reader

Taking Payments With Paypal Here

It is not uncommon for small business owners to struggle with taking credit payments when they are just starting out. Getting and setting up a merchant account can be difficult and if you are an online business owner who does some occasional live event selling or trade shows, it gets even more complex. Paypal have […]

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Business Simplification

Simplifying Our Business

We often over complicate our business with too much technology or by giving customers far too many choices when it comes to our product and service offerings. This plagued our business and we’ve made a very concerted effort to focus on what’s most important for customers and best for our business. This led us to […]

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Is Google Subtracting Google+?

Google was very ambitious with its goals for Google+ and when you look at what it’s achieved with Google Accounts and the integration of Google Hangouts, it has certainly had its fair share of success. Unfortunately, the technology landscape has changed and there is a significant movement to single purpose apps and Google+ may be […]

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Love/Hate Blogging

My Love/Hate Relationship With Blogging

Blogging has always been something I’ve really enjoyed doing, but it always seems to become a chore and something I work hard to avoid doing eventually. I’ve decided that I need to focus more this year on doing less things, but also produce more, so blogging is a big part of that. In this post […]

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Hard Work

Internet Marketing Is Hard

The easiest way to sell someone something is to tell them that your shiny object is going to make them happy and rich while they sleep in a hammock on a tropical beach. This is the most common sales pitch in internet marketing and it is predicated on the idea that making money is easy […]

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Backlinks Still Matter

SEO is one of those things where change is constant and keeping abreast of what is going on is getting harder to do. Misinformation and uninformed opinion outweigh serious commentary significantly and there are people looking to profit from this fog of war. The biggest myth floating around is that backlinks don’t matter anymore. In […]

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Penguin 2.1 Update

Penguin 2.1 Panic Attacks

Everytime Google releases any kind of update to their Search Algorithm there are winners and losers, but for the most part any resulting change you see is probably not even reflective of your site. Read more to understand why your search results are an indication of the wider ecosystem you’re playing in and why you […]

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Buying A Domain Name

The Domain Name System Is A Joke

Buying a domain name is one of the first steps in setting up your site. But what happens if you want to buy a domain that is in the process of expiring? Well, prepare yourself to be hustled and bamboozled by the domain registrars under a plethora of different brands and business names as they […]

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Revisiting Niche Marketing

I’m someone who, by my very nature, likes to move away from the herd and do things differently from everybody else when it comes to business.  I find the herd mentality tends to espouse the lowest quality ideas as fact or truth and people end up fighting for scraps. In the book, Blue Ocean Strategy, […]

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marketing superpower

What’s Your Marketing Superpower?

When you start thinking about your business holistically, one of the things that you need to come to an understanding of early on is what are the unique things that you bring to customers or the marketplace.  Many people call this a unique selling proposition or a value proposition, but I like to think of it […]

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